Which Resolutions You should Add in New Year’s Bucket List

“The New Year is stands before Us, Like a Chapter in a Book, Waiting to be written. We Can Help Write That Story By Setting Goals.____Melody Beattie”

I am a bit late to come up with resolutions post, but i think it might help you to sort out your resolutions, there are my few tips to draw or remodify my own resolutions for the whole year. We are often lazy and couldn’t find a generic purpose to write it down and stick on that thing, but believe me, it is not as much hard as you thinks, just try to replace words which makes them light as air instead of some rigid responsibilities.


A Resolution is a Determined Design to process your dreams into reality.

So, The intention of New Year’s Resolution also does the same thing to gives you enough enlightenment to write down your purpose for the whole Year.

For All That Peoples who somehow ends up Desi, Or being Desi are, not much familiar with this ritual as our forefathers never seen as much excited about the new year as they are for another traditional occasion. You must have known this term ” New Year Resolutions” as World become such a Global Village and anything is just a click away. But let me tell you little story about the history of Resolutions at New Years; According to Wikipedia Resolution are very popular and common in the start of each year in Western  and in some Eastern Hemisphere , In Babylonian times they promise to their gods in the start of each year so the Roman do make promises to their god ‘Junas’ Whom the Month January is abbreviated.

It is Funny but Resolution and bucket lists are not the same things, while their resemblance is uncanny, Resolution can be described as your Dream Goals which you can write down at the start of any new year to accomplish till the end of the year, for example, You want to lose those extra 30 Pounds but you are a Foodie, You can’t resist when the food is around, and hell Ya..You are dreaming about getting in shape since ages.

On the Other Hand Bucket List is the more practical way to accomplish Your Goals like if you want to lose weight then Your Bucket List get a Note of Getting a Membership of Gym or perhaps you will find a Marathon Partner for running together.

Resolution at the start of the years is not new things in western Cultures neither in Eastern, But somehow We desi aren’t follower of that ritual as we should be because we have a lot of other shortcomings ideas in our minds, From my Best Friend birthday is coming what should I do wear at her birthday Party, eastern or western? because she hasn’t disclosed the details Yet. Or Nand k Jaith ki Beti ki Shadi,(Your Sister In-Law’s sister in Law’s Daughter Marriage = a Desi thing, see how much complicated just to remember your relation with such long distant relative) or Like I am not going to wear this Sana Safinaz Dress to My Bhabhi’s Ki Ami ki Iyadat (Enquiring after One’s Health) kliye despite that how much it looks cool on me because My Bhabhi ki Bhabhi (The Sister in Law of my sister in Law) has already seen that dress last time I wore it on Mailaad (Holy Ceremony) at my Brother’s Place. Yeah, We get it. we always got so much important things in our bucket lists that we often forgot to thinks what are our Dreams and what we want in Long Term?

Before Writing down your Resolution for this Year or for any year ask few Question from Your Self?

Why Writing down your Resolution Is Important?

Which Changes You Want in This Year? and Why?

Which Goals You Should Have?

If you have no idea from where to start to a lookout at your Life or start writing your own resolution for the year then, Because you never gave a thought to it or never considered yourself more determined to accomplish them before then just keep remembering few things. I have written a whole article on it Click here to read You Need to Evaluate Your Own Dreams.

Split up Your Goals into Categories

By Making Your Goals more Visible and Different then each other you have to highlight them by keeping them in separate Groups or Categories.

Health Goals (Physical/Mental)

There is an old quote we used to read in school ” Health is wealth”. Your Health is the most important thing in this entire universe, Yes, Might be you think i am sounded creepy but its true; if You have got a healthy Body and Mind, it means you are blessed.

but everything needs little attention and care, so does our Health Life as well. Keeping your health track record is very essential, It will save you a lot of money in future which will prevent you to keep away expensive treatment if you keep taking care of your health issues or routine check-ups regularly. Then definitely You won’t end up to Pay Extra Money for expensive Treatments and hefty Fees to visit Doctors.

  1. Here you must record your Diet, drink, Food Habit in Journal for Everyday or At least Weekly.
  2. Keep Visiting Your Dentist,  Gyne and GP on a Routine basis (whenever advisable )
  3. Eat Organic, Fresher Vegetables, Fruits, Fish and Meat.
  4. Try to do more walk this year, exercise or join Gym if you have so many excuses.

Try Something New

This Year PROMISE  yourself to learn/ adopt something new which you have never tried earlier. Take some Class to learn some new Skill or enroll yourself to some course from Tech/Crafts etc.

but take your step out of your Comfort zone, Even you can Plan a Tavel trip which you never experienced. Every new thing seems little hard and difficult to the start but if you never try for that how you will learn that process?

so, Make a Wise wish List of All the things you ever wanted to do /Try (but you didn’t)

Pick a few of things for this year as according to your Schedule and Financial Condition. But do not be hesitate, if you don’t have enough money to try something new but there are still lots of free option at least on the Internet.

Be More Organized and Efficient

you are an adult Now, despite your age become more Organized and Responsible person, from your daily chores to your Student Life or Your Work Place Unit Represents Your Personality. Try to keep things in their place, it will save you so much time and energy and also enhance your efficiency.

if you are a student/working or homemaker despite that always plan your daily – Weekly and Monthly Schedule earlier. Try to Finish your mega Projects or heavy chores in earlier hours of the day, because it is the time when you are full of energy and do more work in lesser time.

Manage Yourself

This Year you should be More Independent then ever in professional/financial terms, even if you are a student try to find  ways (of course;  Legal ) to increase your Income, Pays off your debts and also save some money for emergency funds or your college fees or extra (expected ) expenses You can take some help by finding out  Various Ways to Increase Your Income

try to work if you are not working yet, even from home, Maybe it didn’t pay off your bills in the start but don’t give up. always keep doing something, which will lead to enhancing your Financial Condition if not yet but in future, if required.

The main purpose of advice is here that never ever become entirely dependant on anyone whether they are your family, spouse, friends etc.  Do something Full-Time, Part-Time, on Weekends or Occasional basis Whichever Suits to Yourself or Your Routine.

 Contribute to The Surrounding

Contribution to the surrounding doesn’t mean only to become a volunteer at your community, it has broad meaning, it required your civil duties to be fulfilled, be a good Neighbor, be a good citizen, take care of Plants whether they are in your garden, terrace, balcony, indoor or outdoor, offer help to needy, help not always comes in monetary form, giving your seat in a crowded bus-train to old person also count as generosity and help,help them to crossing the roads,  take some extra bags of grocery from Pregnant lady or old person,  to weight them off and lea

Thank You Note to Yourself.

write down you’re each day accomplishments, What you have done great today, A good deed, a regret? or simply why you are grateful for today. Even if it was a Bad day? then for what’s, you are still grateful? May be you are struggling financially but you have good health or perhaps you have a good home to sleep. count your blessings, it will make you Optimistic and bring wisdom and kindness which always opens the doors of opportunities.

you can make a happy note jar as well, write a  Thankyou note to yourself every day at the end of your day and put it in a jar and at the end of the year take out and you will have 365 notes for being a grateful person.

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