ROSE MAGIC LIP & CHEEKS STAIN by Mana beauty & Spirit

This thing is amazing. its from our Local ( Pakistani ) Brand, which is known as Mana beauty & spirit and Famous for its Hand Blended Organic Makeup and Other Skin Care Products.

I haven’t Encounter with other products from this particular Line, ( which i am sure gonna try soon) but luckily i am using Famous ROSE MAGIC LIP & CHEEKS STAIN  from quite a time.

This is one of my most favorite, Organic And most natural way to add a natural rosy flush to Cheeks and on my lips, i also sometimes use a little dab on my eyelids so, it won’t Look Black or grey while i am not wearing any Makeup.

√ The Packaging is cute, it comes in Blue glass bottles in a Black and red Card box.
√ A little drop gives enough to add color on your cheeks or on Lips.
√ Looks very very natural.
√ Stays almost 3-5 hours on cheeks, while it can disappear from lips quite soon.
√ It is Organic so you won’t worry about putting any harmful chemical.

√ The consistency is very runny, and sometimes it is hard to manage.
√ The bottle is made of Glass, so, it isn’t a travel-friendly Product.

I Like this product because it is made of natural ingredients, hand blended and Local Manufactured. I do use it almost on daily basis, it is very good Product if you are staying home housewife, College/ Uni Going Student or Working Women, because we usually don’t carry harsh or Bright everyday Makeup Looks. We just need little Glow, even Skin tone, with a natural flush of cheeks and lips. This is also a budget-friendly Product. 15 ml goes long way because you need hardly 2-3 drops.

RATING: 9/10
PRICE: Check Official Website of MANA BEAUTY & Spirit or place your order on Instagram @manabeautyspirith

Mana Beauty Lip and Cheek Stain


Do You Use Any Lip /Cheek Tint? Which one is Your Favorite?


Have you Ever Tried any Natural Tint or Makeup before?

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