How to Survive in war crisis?

Maybe you think I am gone insane, why I am talking about such a negative scenario instead of keeping hope for the positive circumstances but let me tell you all one thing more clearly being prepared and taking precautions is always better then being unaware of the situations and circumstances. We all want peace, nobody wants a war, this is the cruelest thing to do to bloodshed the nations and lots of humans. Being Pakistani we have suffered from terrorism yet everyone blames us, our citizen has lost their lives yet we are so peaceful nation, we do not want anything which is harmful for any country or nation, but recent tension between Pakistan and India has arisen many questions: God forbid if war breaks out what to do?

This is a digital world, peoples are bound together through social media and consider the internet a great blessing, which is indeed, it provides us recent events and information on different subjects so, why not we should keep prepare ourselves for the worst situations  so that we can survive and know what exactly we have to do in such situations.

You Should Keep following ready

1) Emergency Survival Kit

2) Emergency Food supplies

3) Emergency Plan ( Plan, Place and Final actions)

Emergency Survival Kit

Divide your Emergency Survival Kit into following three main things, It will help you to assert things accordingly I.e. Electronics, Medicine, Miscellaneous Basics

(I)This Electronic Kit should be consist of the following Items

  • Your Mobile Phone and Chargers
  • Portable Radio
  • Extra Batteries for charging and utilizing different devices
  • keep three sets of Dry cells and dry batteries as well
  • Flash Lights (LED is Preferable)

(II)Medical Kit

  • First Aid Kit with essential medications supplies like bandages, medicine for fever, nausea, etc
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Alcohol
  • Multivitamin
  • Painkillers
  • Iodine Solutions ( it protect your body from radiation)
  • Dust Masks
  • hand sanitizers
  • and Gloves
  • Baby wipes, Sanitary pads, toilet papers

(III) Basic Miscellaneous Items

  • Blankets, Warm Clothes, cotton shirts, towels, and muslin cloths
  • Raincoats ( cheaps ones also works
  • Mild Bar soaps and shampoo ( do not use hair conditioner or anything which can lock radioactive materials into your hairs or body in case of a nuclear blast)
  • only use lots of soap and water without rubbing or scratching your body to get rid of radiation.
  • Can Opener, Knife, Screw Opener, Scissor, and a rope.
  • A small sewing Kit (thread and needle)
  • Your important documents along with your passports
  • Cash
  • Important Helpline Numbers and keep a dairy with detailed address and contact information about your family
  • several plastic bags
  • do not pack your whole stash of makeup and skin care products, instead keep everything minimal, moisturizers, sunscreen, and petroleum jelly can do a job. You do not need your whole vanity in such circumstances, leave them behind.
  • In Case of Children prepare their bags which includes their baby wipes, nappies, dry milk, baby food, clothes)

Emergency Food Supplies

  • Camping Stove
  • Matches sticks, candles
  • Lots of water, water, and water ( because we can survive with food up to three weeks but not that long without water)
  • Rice bags ( Rice are the most useful food staple for such situations)
  • Dry fruits ( almonds, dates, raisins, nuts, walnuts, etc)
  • energy bars, chocolates or biscuits
  • Beans and cooking oil (Olive and coconut is good and can be used for several purposes including cooking)
  • Honey
  • Non-perishable food or canned food like tuna, tomato sauces ( if possible)
  • Dry milk, noodles packets or pasta packets
  • Dry Spices ( they are not only useful for preparing food but also have several  ayurvedic benefits; turmeric, cloves cardamom, cinnamon etc)
  •  Pottery (Clay Pots) for preparing food ( do not use metal utensils and pots if there is any chance of God forbid Nuclear blasts)
  • Pottery/Plastic or paper or wooden Plates and cups

Emergency Plan

Emergency Plan is very essential, make one with your Family, assign responsibilities to each one, Talk to Children, do not make them scared, instead educate them what to do if something goes wrong.

we are connected each other through our devices, mobile phones particularly, Try to keep family, helplines and important numbers handy always (preferably handwritten on a paper), if your mobile phone or internet doesn’t work, you should know how to communicate or contact with each other? where to gather in such cases, where to find each other, where you have to Try to find shelter? discuss all these things earlier with your family/ friends in a meeting.

If you don’t know where your govt. has assigned a place to locate you, then find some concrete windowless place like a basement to seek shelter or a middle lounge of building with several walls. always make two places as your shelter points, one in the city and one outside of it.

we are still hopeful that nothing goes wrong, no war should happen, everything can be sorted out through peaceful dialogues.

Do not forget Allah, keep reciting Ayat ul Kursi and Ayat Kareema.

May Allah Almighty save us all from the calamity of war, flood, fire, and other disasters. AMEEN


These are the essentials I have found out one’s must know for such drastic situations If you have any other suggestions kindly spread your knowledge with us and be supportive of each other.


DISCLAIMER: I kept my Post to the point so that you can benefit 
with information given above as much as you can.
(I am no one authority to guide you, 
this is my own ideas and information which I have gather through 
different sources; hope it will helps you as well.) 
do not forget to share your ideas with us in comment section.

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