Happy Independence Day

I am late but I wanted to put out my thoughts into some resolutions which I am gonna follow to become responsible citizen & productive compassionate vigilant person just to show and support how patriotic I am.

No offense… everyone’s doing their parts. But do you really think that by wearing white green clothes , makeup , hoisting our beloved National Flag, honing on the roads without seeing whether we are passing by a hospital full of patients who might get disturbed is enough to prove that we are patriotic?

A Simple Question to you Guys?

Are we really a Good Civilians?
Do we really Love Our Country?

what efforts I am doing to become a good Person, A good Civilian and a Good Human? What I’m giving to my Country else than Tax?

You might thinking that whatever good we do, What’s our country is giving me back in return?

This Country Pakistan is consist of Me and you,
You and Me living in a specified regional boundaries on the world map are collectively called a Pakistani

we are country
We are Pakistan 🇵🇰

We will get only that what we will give.
If we want to see our country flourish then we need to start working on ourselves by adopting the following

We all should think about impact of our actions on our society rather than to be more selfish and just to focus on individual benefits. That’s called social responsibility.

We all should abide Law and Rules.

We should gives respect to everyone irrespective of their Gender, Caste ,Creed, Color, origin, Beliefs, religion, sects, Minorities, Values and Traditions.

We should focus on ourselves and be more productive and efficient rather to poke our nose in other businesses.

Stop trying to be misogynistic, patriarchate and selfish person.

Do your part, support your community by abiding laws, helping others, with sharing your knowledge, skills, money ,volunteering, donating or whatever good you can give others even if it’s a smile.

Keep Clean & Green your Environment

Respect Others Rights and be aware of your own Rights

“Live and let others Live”

🇵🇰 Pakistan Zinada Baad 🇵🇰

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