Yes, All the Men

These are not the days when one should discuss or do things apart from remembering the Sacrifices given by Imam Hussain (as), along his Family and friends at Karbala and the message it gives us to reform our lives to be stand firm against all the odds and live by the true meaning and teachings of essence of Islam



The news circulating on the social media about a girl groped by 400 plus men at Minar e Pakistan on 14 August made me to utter those words which I never wanna talk or says but deep inside im scared, unsafe, hateful and angry on by being a Pakistani women who is unsafe, and vulnerable because this society becoming mentally sick and pathetic day by day

Where Animals, Kids , Girls , women or even Dead 6 feet under the grave are raped, groped, harassed , tortured or killed by these Men. (As per sources: An FIR registered against a person by a father of a dead daughter who saw a person raping his daughter dead body in the graveyard who died back in April 2021. )

So, you can get the idea how much the sickest he was worsened then the beasts.

And yet no one is taking any measures, passing bills to safeguard our country’s vulnerable peoples and to educate these barbarians who are worst then Animals.

If you are one of those who thinks that the women at your Home (whether it be a mother, sister, daughter or wife) is respectable
while the you have got the authority to judge , disrespect the women beyond your house boundaries then you should be ashamed, your parents should be ashamed and cursed as well

You are no different than the Wildest animals on this planet even they show respect towards their own breed.

If you have a daughter then don’t hide her at home, don’t ask her to shutdown her dreams just because the society outside is disgusting.

Instead if you have a son , it’s your responsibility to up bring him into a fine human being who respect others. #pakistan #respect #violence #women


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