Why Ashur is commemorate by Shia’s? Why Not Sunni do take part?

10th Muharram 1443

18 August 2021

I wanna ask something from all the Muslims, whatever belief you follow.. from whichever sect you are?

You may have hear

Hussain o Minni wa ana Minal Hussain (Hussain is from Me and I’m from Hussain) .Ref: Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol:-1,144)

And many other Ahadith about the love of our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) for his grandsons and Ahlul Bayt (as) on which majority of Muslims agreed for their authenticity.

Today majority of my Sunni brethren and sisters are at home in air conditioned rooms with their families and children around yet you all claims that we love Rasool Pak (S.A.W.W) and Ahlul Bayt (as).

But which kind of Love is that only Shia remembers Ashur, they goes out of their homes with their children, elderly and women without minding the severity of the weather. While they know they could get attacked by terrorist as well but they don’t care.

But they go out and take part in the Ashur processions.

But yet there’s a difference of the statements and your actions towards them.. and particularly towards the claims of Love for Ahlul Bayt ?

God Forbid if it’s someone’s from your own family died nearby you. Would you rather dare to not participate in his/her janazah ? Or to offer your condolences to his/her family?

I can’t see anything that you are loving and remembering the Karbala today ? If there’s anything you do specifically else than fasting and dhikr kindly let me know.

How do you describe the incident of Karbala to your children? Even majority of you have myths and wrong stories from Karbala and about Shi’ite.

Shia’s might have different opinions then you but is that only Hussain for them ?

You told your children that shia’s are the peoples who murder Imam Hussain and his family

Have you ever seen in your life where the murderer of some particular person and his families in mourning of the deceased ?

If it’s not for the Shia’s the Incident of the Karbala could be forgotten long ago and only be founded in the Islamic history and with lots of variations and misleading details which sadly we found even today besides it’s been 1400 years since Shia are trying to keep remembering it because it was what BiBI Zainab asked and did

You have difference of opinions regarding crying, beating your chest, Matam, weeping.

Please Don’t do it but at least get out of your homes and comfort with your families and do take part in processions of Ashur then you could realise how it could felt

How Imam Hussain was with the thirst of 3 days run after his son Ali Akbar when he left for the war?

How My Imam Hussain took his 6 months old son hazrat Ali asghar and asked the Muslims (the Yazid Army; they were Muslims like you and me , they offer prayers, keep fasting, reciting Quran and claimed the Love for Rasool pak (S.A.W.W) ),

for few drops of water and instead this they spear his little neck with an arrow ?

It’s so easy to think about while sitting at your homes but it doesn’t justifying your claims for the Love of Ahlul Bayt (a.s)

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