How to Stop Nail Biting

If you are like me and had this bad habit of biting your nails even if it’s decades old addiction , years or months old habit you can get rid of it. I’m not gonna lie to you that it’s pretty easy. No it’s not ; it’s so difficult because there is fighting and resistance between you vs you. Though there are few tips which can help you to get rid of this habit/addiction. I will write down my own tried and tested tips and nail care routine. I would be so happy if It might be helpful to any of you.

Nail biting is common among 10-20 % of the population. In childhood few kids start this habit. Usually some kids start nail biting habit to avoid their stress , to distract them from certain situations, or events or peoples because they are feeling low, discouraged or unappreciated. I’m not gonna lecture here what are psychological reasons are behind this because it will ultimately put you down further and down because most of the habit comes from the compulsive behavior backed by anxiety and stress. This habit goes off once kids turns into young adults but for few of them its hard to let it go and such phase might turn into a compulsive disorder known as onychophagia.

I’ve been there long enough to write a post and sharing with you my personal experience of this bad habit or addiction to biting my nails even without realizing how gross and inappropriate it had seemed to others.

So, there comes a time when my fingers don’t have any nails left. literally it was so bad that it hurt and bleed but still I’m biting whatever left on these bald fingers. Because I was more than 28 years old and I’m doing it from since I was around 10 and eighteen long years are enough to give me bald nail less fingers on my hands. At one time I hate and always try to hide my hands whenever I go out or at any event because I was insecure being having nails less fingers. One day I decided not to bit anymore but it was so difficult that I plan a little strategy to counter this bad habit.

Write Down a Small Plan with Reason.

Take out your notebook or mobile phone and write down your small strategy to getting rid of this bad habit of chewing and biting your Nails. Thoroughly write how you can get rid of nail biting. which things you assume would be helpful. e.g. buying some Medicine, manicure, distracting yourself with other healthy habits.

This was what i did when i decided to abandoning this compulsive behavior of mine. I write down all the reasons that why i want to stop biting my nails anymore, and trust me there were many which i wrote for myself like i want to look confident and because of bad fingernails i cannot show my hands in public and it doesn’t made me feel confident around peoples. You could have other reasons as well but its so important to write them down not just in our minds but on a paper or your e-docs/ notebooks. it will give you brief insight why its so important for you to follow a plan.

Keep Away Fingernails from Your Mouth

There are plenty of ointments medications available in the market which helps to stop finger nails biting. i.e. denatonium benzoate which is so bitter and you are gonna definitely discouraged by how it taste. so it helps to keep away your nails from your mouth. and as much as you stay away doing it , gradually your nails gonna grow fast and long. Few of them proven to be best in the Market for children and as well as for adults.

Magique No Bite and Mavala Stop Deterrent Nail Polish Treatment are the examples. if you are residing in Pakistan and worried about getting any specific medication then you can buy ella+mila”No More Biting  ,  Ecrinal Bitter Polish Enhanced Formula Stop Nail Bitting  or you can place your orders for more relevant products Here .


Though your Nails are so tiny, engrossed into the dead skin of your fingers, but start properly maintaining them. Keeping your nails clean, cover with top coat of your favorite Nail Color can inspire you further to grow them, not to bit again or you can use medicated special Nail Coats to protect your Nails which i have mentioned above. Make a routine to clean , buff, cut your nails, once they grow little. A famous home remedy is to message your hands, and fingernails with olive oil before going to bed. it will stimulate blood flow and eventually helps and smooth out the cuticles and grow nails faster then usual.

My routine was the same, I used olive oil few drops each night before going to bed and gives a light message specifically around the cuticle areas of finger nails. After that I clean it with a soft cotton or damp towel. Before sleeping I use Nail Balm so that i could stay overnight and i did notices it has helped me a lot with nail growth and soft cuticles because mine were damaged badly due to compulsive biting.

I did used Personally Lady Diana Cuticle and Nail Balm by prime cosmetics, which i had bought from a local pharmacy, if you are still unable to find any product then simply go to the pharmacy or beauty products Store and you can ask for any balm/ Nail enamel or ointment for cuticles and nails strengthen.

Non Medicated Ways

There are some home remedies and non medicated ways to avoid Nail Biting and getting stronger Nails.

  • Gel or Acrylic Nails
  • Wearing Gloves
  • messaging with Garlic Clove
  • Keep Chewing
  • Use your Hands in Other activities

1: Use of Acrylic or Gel Nails

you can use non medicated ways too for growth and to get rid of not biting of your Nails Habit, as it sounds more easiest ways to adopt. From which one is using Acrylic Nails, though its not healthy for to keep them for longer period of times as they can damage your fingers and cuticles more in long run but for short period of times or on specific events you can use Acrylic Nails or can get Gel Nails from Professionals. Getting Gel Nails can also helps you to biting your nails and to grow the nails which have gone bad. once they start growing stop getting gel nails as its also chemical based compound which can ruin them or weaken them in long run but initially you can cover your own fingernails with gel Nails to avoid nail biting.

2: Wearing Gloves

I know its doesn’t sound practical most of the times to keep wearing gloves whole day but if its winter and you want to warm your hands as well then i will recommend you to use this strategy to grow your nails back. do not wear gloves on damp hands. you should use hand cream and nail balm before wearing gloves. do not let the moisten your gloves, wash them regularly to keep germs, dirt at bay. its a temporarily solution but it can encouraged you to stop biting your nails.

3: Massage with Garlic Clove

you believe it or not but trust me, I have had used garlic clove on rub it on my nails, (just make sure your nails are not bleeding neither your cuticles are damaged otherwise it will sting a lot and make it worse.) it gives them shine and also a sharp taste which my tongue never liked, hope you are not a fan of raw garlic either. it hasn’t had been proven scientifically but from my own experiment and as i have heard from other peoples who used garlic on their nails, the growth of damaged nails is faster then expected.

4: Keep Chewing

By this I meant to keep your mouth busy with chewing gum or any food of your choice so that you do not feel tempted to start chewing your fingers and nails back into your mouth. its so difficult to getting rid of such repetitive disorder but if your mouth is occupied with other foods or chewy items you would not found it appropriate to put your fingers back in it. Just to be cautious by choosing healthy items for chewing, you rather wont end up gaining weight or any disease by eating something particular.I myself was a fan of pop corns and also i tried chewing gums but not so much.

5: Keep Busy Your Hands

if you continuously keep busy your hands else than nail biting it will help you to get rid of this habit sooner then you think. adopt healthy activities, like gardening, painting, keyboard usage, writing or even popping a bubble wrap sheet or now even you can buy push bubble wrap toys buy it from

Push Pop Bubble Toy or you can also try using physical puzzles, blocks or can play board games like Ludo, Scrabbles, Monopoly, Ches to keep off your mind from things makes you worry or helps to getting rid of that rigid habit you are tired of trying.

Push pop bubble wrap

I did start painting and sketching which relived me from my inner anxiety and kept me busy enough to not bit my own nails which eventually helps me a lot to get them back sooner.

it was definitely not easier as i had thought because it was turned into a compulsive disorder for me but determination and consistency to follow a plan with reasons enough to achieve your goals.

here a suggestion for all those who found it impossible that let all the nails grow except one, whenever you get temptation to bit your nails only bit that particular one, during mean time once all others grow up then you will not gonna like the nail you were biting, here the test, try acrylic on that one and do not go back to bit others nails as well. once all the nails get grow, trim them, take care of them, put nice nail paint and voila…you are gonna love your hands and your Nails.I did same, i started growing my nails back except one which i kept for biting because hello…it was hard for me in the start . I quit biting that only nails once i saw my other nails get growing and my hands looking much nicer then earlier.

So, Let me know in the comment section how many of you are tired of biting your nails? Or  have you ever bit your nails? what was your strategy to get rid of this habit?

Disclaimer: None of the above mentioned Products/Business Pages are sponsored or had any partnership or profit benefit terms with the writer. it was solely mentioned for the sake of my readers information or knowledge for easier access to the products.Kindly, only seek help from professional.

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