Healing under Uncertain Circumstances

Healing in uncertain situations is like covering up your deep wounds without applying any ointment ; The probability of it get healed on its own vs it could get worsen.
You never know the answer…. But you might have instincts which secretly advises you that covering up the wound never gonna helps you to let it healed alone. You also need ointment to speed up the process and give it a strength.

Same happened to us in such a Mentally unstable and wounded phases… hiding and covering up alone couldn’t helpful without the remedy of certainty.

Sometimes, we are just wasting our times in the hopes of better Tomorrow
But Sometimes, Our patience also brings rewards.
There is no definition of wise decisions which is based entirely on the destiny, emotions and situations.
Peoples who took actions based on Logic, Lessons learned from previous mistakes and times and strengthening themselves to comes out of those dark times are always able to find the better me versions of themselves, even though if they are unable to achieve which they most desired or work out to get in their whole life.

But here comes the problem; where we all are stuck where we start asking questions that what we should do? When our prayers are not being answered… our patience is not being rewarded neither any hope lies inside us to live and continue our lives.
such miserable, painful and difficult times not only for us but also bring misery to our loved ones who truly cared about us. Now they are start getting effected by this for seeing us such hopeless & unhappy in our lives specially in situations where they can’t do much except for prayers or just letting be us.

Here; I’m also sending loads of prayers to all the readers that you May find the Happiness and blessings for which you were praying or May the Best times comes soon and you May get which is in best of your interest. May you heal, get up and do something which makes you actually happy. Ameen

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