How to Stop Nail Biting

If you are like me and had this bad habit of biting your nails even if it’s decades old addiction , years or months old habit you can get rid of it. I’m not gonna lie to you that it’s pretty easy. No it’s not ; it’s so difficult because there is fighting and resistance … Continue reading How to Stop Nail Biting

Happy New Year

Happy New Year___2022

             An Open Letter to My Readers My All Dear Readers, I Hope & Pray That this Year May brings Cheerfulness, Happiness, Excitement, Hope, Peace, Love, Success, Fulfilment of Promises to You. I was Thinking to post something about the new year, but unfortunately, i wasn't able to write it down as my own brain … Continue reading Happy New Year___2022

Kiko Milano Unlimited Foundation Spf 15

Women are always in search of good foundations when it comes to Makeup as it is the first thing in applying makeup that has direct contact with the skin and can affect its texture and health.bypassing each day peoples are in constant search of the perfect one which not only gives smooth, super long coverage … Continue reading Kiko Milano Unlimited Foundation Spf 15