Winter Skin Care

I Can write the bunch of Details about Pampering Yourself with Skin Care, but Unfortunately, Peoples now a days don’t have energy to consume lengthy advises. so, the peoples expectations from us Doesn’t provide us a lot of space to Let it out.
Hence I Thought to share in a little Summery about what are core steps you shouldn’t forget if you really really need the glow from the inside ( without makeup) and want to have even fresh skin tone. Yes, it is possible but you should remain consistent with the Steps and then Voila….. Now You are a Diva.

adult attractive beautiful beauty

1- Stay Hydrated

The first and foremost important yet seems impossible for us to stay hydrated throughout the day ( drinking water). But stick to it, in winters we usually lessen the water intakes while it is as essential and Required as it was in summers. If you find it difficult to drink plain water, then try to spice it up.. Add any type of your favorite things like cucumbers, Lemons, Parsley, Mint leaves or Ginger etc. Or simply start drinking lots of Soups ( winters Calls for them).

2- Double Cleansing

Before going to bed, take off your all day makeup ( if you are wearing) or if you are not then to wipes off whole day dirt from your skin. You can use GARNIER MICELLAR Water or your favorite Wipes or simply use some kind of Cleansing Milk ( My Favorite is From NIVEA’s),
Then Wash your Face with Your regular Face wash.

Double Cleansisng

3- Time To Buy New Products


Remember you always need to stock up all new skin care Products i.e. face wash, moisturizers, Face Masks, Exfoliators, serums, Even body wash and Essential Oils. because Summers is Over now and you need different Products in Winters despites of your Skin Type.




4- Exfoliation

body scrub
In winters we usually ignore the process of exfoliation while it is as necessary as it was in summer, use gentle exfoliation products twice a week or at least once if your skin is sensitive.





5- Moisturizing

This is the Most Important Part of Winter skin Care, even if you have Oily Skin, never ever try to skip your Moisturizer game, Lock your skin with heavy moisturizer if your skin is Dry, and use hydrating one if you have Oily Skin, ( let me know in Comments if you need my advice on the products).



6- Sunblock/ Sunscreen

Make it a habit to Wear your Sunscreen as you wear your clothes before going out or staying home. Mind it even if it is Cloudy, Foggy or Sunny, you need to wear Sunscreen at any Cost.

7- Mask Your Face

Hey…!! I Don’t Mean to show off your Double Side of personality here at all, I simply Wanna Advice you to Keep pampering yourself often in Winters,
Try Some D.I.Y hydrating Masks, Use Night Masks, or Mask it up your face with some of your favorite jars. As winters could lead to Flakey skin, try adding Masks in your Weekly Routine is essential.



8- Taking Care of Your Body Skin


regularly your body needs exfoliation, some deep pampering as well. Use some D.I.Y Scrubs and also do get a body massage as well.







√ Lock your Moisturizer

Body Moisturizer
Always Use  Body Moisturizer, Creams,body oils or Lotions right after Shower after patting dry with towels lightly will make it easy to absorb into Skin. if you don’t have anything you can use simply coconut oil.




√ Use Hand Creams

Winter makes its best impression on our hands often, it tends to Tan or Extremely dry because of More vulnerable to weather and things, ( we tend to use hot water, do wash dishes or frequently wash our hands ) and ends up having dry, rough hands. Keep a good hand cream with yourself even in your office Desk, in Your Purse/pocket, in Dashboard of Car or in your Backpack.

√  Plump, Soft Hydrating Lips

soft lips

Never Ignore Your Lips as well, Use Good Lip Balms, ESOS is famous for its natural lip balms, even Burt’s Bees have also the good name in balms, or simply keep them moisturized with the use of petroleum jelly, Olive or coconut oil.


√ Taking Care of Your Feet

beautiful feet

Our Feet are most important part of our body which carry from us from day to night and beyond, the whole body pressure they suffer and sometimes weird heels makes them so much uncomfortable and winters brings a hard time for feet as well, as some people’s experience Numb Toes due to extreme cold, some peoples got swollen toes and feet too, try to wear comfortable Cotton /woolen socks, daytime wear good quality stockings and always wash them with warm water or also give some pampering by adding little salt in a small tub/basket filled with hot water add few drops of lemon and shampoo. it will soften them, later exfoliate them, pat dry and put heavy moisturizer wear cotton socks and off to bed. 


√  Avoid Hot Showers & Bath

hot showers

This sounds crazy, in this chilly cold winter whose gonna take a cold shower? but trust me hot water just ruin the moisturizer on our skin and as well our hairs that naturally produce to keep them safe, so, whenever we take hot showers and bath our skin tends to get more flaky, dry, rough or sometimes irritated. If you can’t avoid it completely then just go for warm water instead or in the end, you can splash a little normal water on your body it will help to makes your pores close and also prevents it from getting more dry or flaky.

9- Avoid Caffeine & Tea

In Winters we usually start drinking lots of Coffee & Tea, kindly switch these with Matcha or Green tea for benefiting from Their Magical Powers and Impact on your Skin. Caffeine And Regular Tea make dehydrated our bodies. So, avoid these and use Healthy substitutes i have mentioned above.






10- Eating Clean & Healthy

Nothing works magically if your diet isn’t perfect whatever you are stocking up on your Skin, it will not lasts, and you will be disappointed in Long run.. doesn’t matter how much money you have invested on your outer Appearance of Skin. Because Skin gets Their strength from our Diet and food as every other organ of our body us getting.

🍁 Try to add Omega 3 & 6 food, basic Sources are eggs, Fish and Dry fruits.
🍁 Eat Salad Consist of The Fresh Veggies and Fruits )
🍁 Avoid Bakery Items, Unhealthy Snacks, Oily & Processed Food.
It will give you benefits of Staying Glowing, Healthy ( as it will help out you if you are on weight loss run.

Hope you like my Tips regarding Winter Skin Care. Which Tips you are gonna follow?? &
Also, Lemme Know in Comments section what are your Secrets to stay Warm, Cozy, Soft, brighter and beautiful in Freezing Winters?

Disclaimer: Pictures shown in this particular Post are not owned by Us and The purpose of using them just visualize the things for the Readers.
Pic Source: Pinterest.



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