How to Increase Your Income



Everyone wants to increase their income level to meet our tough society living standards, Peoples says that money is not everything, and it can’t buy happiness for you, but let me tell you one thing that without money you can go in depression and phase of stress more easily, that’s why there is chances of suicide are higher when companies start downsizing, because then peoples know they can’t able to pay their bills, they can’t pay their mortgage, and they can be homeless and their children can’t go to college, and such kind of situations are not just frustrating but also have negative Impact on our society and environment in long run.

The buying power of money is getting decreased day by cant buys those things now in just few K’s which were possible to own In past with only a few bucks. Yes, Economy has made it easy and brings a bridge to fill up the gap between poor and rich to have good facilities and basic needs. But though everyone wants to have more, I am not talking about to being greedy or deceiving others, join some Illegal means to increase your income or bank balance.

 There are plenty of things you can do, even you don’t know how to do them, but inside you, you are capable of those qualities to get things right. You just need to be focused and explore yourself what is best you can do to achieve your goals and also have a prosperous life happily folded with some extra money, that can relived you from worries such as , you have to pay debts, may be you want to save up for your College tuition or your children education, or may be you want to have a travel list to go and explore world, and perhaps your current job is sucks and in future you want to run your own business but you don’t have enough to do so , Or  you want to save more for buying that pretty house or for your future, and sometimes things are worst and we need to find a way to get out of circumstances which they have brought.. You aren’t expecting some problem, but it occurs and you need more cash to get running in the race of life and to fulfill your needs of living. Whatever the need is your focus is how you can increase your money?

 I have brings few tips for you peoples that might help you to have more cash in hand.

1: Spread Your Knowledge

If you are a person of knowledge; you have a good command on some particular subject or things, then you can let peoples acknowledge the worth of it and can earn more too. You can start teaching about the product or knowledge to peoples from home, or online.


Give Tutoring Classes to peoples/Students, if you have command on any subject, if you were specialized in any particular subject like Maths, Biology, Accounts or Computer, you can give tuitions to students, if you know how to graphic designing or Web designing. It even can’t take much time; you just need to give few hours to get extra bucks per month.

2: Sell Your Talent

Some peoples have God-gifted abilities; while some are passionate to acquire those Skills which are sometimes become their Recognition. If you are one of them, then help others peoples to become more talented and in return earn more.


  1. Maybe you are a good public speaker, peoples can listen to you, or perhaps you have command of self-management and you can help peoples to have more control on themselves.
  2. you are expert in networking, with peoples and offline/online. join them with each other and take your profit from deals they offered.gjkjk
  3. You can give Dance Classes if you know any type of it, but you know how to dance, there are many ways peoples love to join your classes, to keep them healthy, happy or they simply wanna learn how to dance.
  4. if you are good at cooking, then let peoples know about how good you are at it. You can take help from social media to spread the word about your cooking skills, by making a channel, upload videos, or give classes. 
  5. exercise
  6. if you are a healthy lifestyle junkie, then you must know the ways to do exercise, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga or any other kind of fitness regime which is your power, that might help peoples to be on a healthy life track. This is one thing you know which can give you more money if you just devote few hours in a week to teach others.
  7. I am creative myself, and I adore peoples with such talents, maybe you are looking in the wrong direction, you were creative and good in performing arts, doing Painting, Sketching or you have instincts to play a role as an actor, then you can join someplace where others can benefit from your talents and skills while you get money and also a chance to improve
  8. You know the secrets of applying makeup or tips which can help out peoples to get flawless skin, then you can make your make up videos, and upload them on youtube, or Instagram and can get paid by social media, you just need to keep working, and create more distinctive vlogs. Even you can arrange beauty classes and ask peoples to join them; in that case, you can earn more.couples
  9. Ohh Gosh. You have got a good skill of holding a camera and taking best photos, you must go and start working as a freelance photographer, or can join some magazine or start local Photography session or start booking events, like parties, birthdays, and weddings. If you are reluctant to doing so because you have got a full-time job, then you can manage such things on Weekends, and yes, peoples do have such affairs on weekends. So, No worries, give it a shot by taking Good Shots.

3: Share Your Ideas


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You have an ability of critical thinking or strong decision making, Guide peoples through your own experiences and ideas, trying to share your tips to peoples towards betterment, and guide them to the field in which you are expertise, so other peoples not only can benefit from your Ideas but also pay you to listen to you. You can start consultancy services, can guide them to Career counseling, education Counseling, investment approaches or anything in which peoples are confused and your ideas can give breathe to their life. You can help them to open a new business, you can write business plans for them, and you also let them know how to start a blog or business online? There are many ways from which peoples can learn something new from you and in return, you can increase your income.

4: Join Some Part Time


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Start offering your services and Products to others in spare hours, it doesn’t mean you need to start regular job in evening, You can do work for many other Companies, they need Writer, content writers, editors, photographers, You can even fill up surveys in spare time , because companies want to know what customers are expecting? And they need peoples like you, who can give them honest surveys. You can also join some Blog where they allowed you to write for them, these all are the things you can do from the comfort of your home, Other ways are infinite, You just need to find some extra hour jobs in some Restaurant in evening or bakery, in morning or others where you can put a little hard work and earn more money.

5: Be Your Own Boss

This is so far my favorite way to earn more with the sigh of freedom, you can start your own business with very little investment or no money, Yes you read Right; Even With No Money You can earn money, You can work from your home, with more physical existence of your work, I have already written about Many things, but those are in virtual form.

1.     if you love writing then start writing, write your book, or articles, whichever form of playing with words you enjoy, do it.once-upon-a-time-pencil

2.     Can start a Blog, about anything you love and have knowledge.pexels-photo-265667.jpeg

3.     Launch a business website




4.     Work as a Middleman (as an Agent, broker, dealer, salesperson etc) between Customers or Companies to help them get the services or products they want. In that case, you can earn commission from the parties. some examples are of real estate agents, cars Agents, just keep the knowledge of surroundings and let happen deals with sellers and buyers and you can generate your earnings.

5.     If you are a makeup junkie, making makeup/skincare Videos or just love doing makeup, you can open Make Up Saloon, for peoples and let them transformed by your magic hands.

Woman with a bunch of make up

6.     Some of us love doing cooking or baking; you can make, bake and sell from your home, locally.


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7.     If you know any skills regarding crafts, you can make crafts at home and can sell them


8.     Even you can buy things from online, from shops or some thrift stores and resell them locally or online and have good cash.heweww

9.     You can work as a freelance writer, photographer, and editor or give any service which is your niche.


10.  Be an event planner, hold up and arranging small family friends, neighbor events. There are many from garden party to, Baby shower, Bridal shower to weddings, or get to gathers to arranging of trips to other places.


11.  You can be a tourist guide too, if you live any place near, where peoples come and see the beauty of that place, you can guide them and earn little more on weekends.


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12.  Start making things, Baskets of goodies, handmade jewelry, candles, organic skin care soaps and other products, grow plants, or tailoring. You can sell these things from your home, let peoples know about your business through social media, and locally.


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 These are few ways by which you can earn few bucks more, if you know any other ways to increase your income, we would like to hear your ideas, and views, share with us your Money problems journeys and experiences, which might help others to tackle such situations. For, Further help You peoples are Welcome to write me, and you can write me about anything you want to know about your money related problems, My advice and suggestions are totally free, and I would love to help.

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